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EService brings significant benefits to your mobile service business.

Swift, accurate job dispatch
Get detailed, accurate work order information to your service personnel so they can better prioritize their service calls and take the tools and inventory they need to get jobs completed on the first visit.
Enhanced customer relationships
Answer job progress and billing queries on the spot, with work order information available at your office base as soon as it’s logged by your field service staff.
Competitive leadership
With noticeable gains in efficiency and responsiveness, your business will soon stand out from its competitors.
Higher productivity
You’ll reduce the time your team spends on paperwork, travel and general administration – which means more time spent on service and revenue-generating opportunities. Consider the impact of completing one extra job per worker on your business …
Improved workflow and invoicing
Details of hours spent and inventory used on a job can be processed quickly and accurately, and invoices dispatched as soon as each job is completed. You’ll improve cash flow and debtor management – the financial backbones of your business.
Fewer errors and duplication
Automated processes mean information is entered only once, reducing the costs and risks of mistakes and unnecessary duplication. For example, using the EService accounting software interface to packages like QuickBooks will reduce double entry of data and human errors.
More and better information
EService offers you the ability to gather and analyze a huge resource of information you can use to improve staff performance and customer service. For example, collect data about employee productivity, time spent on the job, inventory usage, reasons for job interruptions such as parts required and service response times.
Less hassle, more capability
Easy to set up, simple to use - with EService you get all the benefits of leading-edge technology without the big upfront costs.
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