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EService Information Flow

transforms the connection between your office base and your on-road service team, so that the latest job information flows freely and is accessible by whoever needs it, when they need it.

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Office Dispatch/Service Manager

With EService your office staff can:
allocate and dispatch jobs efficiently according to staff availability and location
assess job status and progress giving them the ability to advise customers if the service worker will be early or late
invoice for work as soon as a job is completed by exporting job information from EService
reduce data entry and the errors that result from lost or incorrect paperwork
Field staff view

This powerful, cost-effective, service enables your field service team to:

receive and respond to service orders within seconds
access accurate, up-to-date job and customer information
provide prompt efficient service to customers
track and record resources used on a job including parts and labor
offer your customers service time commitments that are near impossible without the job progress and worker visibility provided by EService

Classic Web Access
Authenticated Login
Multiple levels of user privileges – provide full administrator access, dispatcher access, read-only access, etc
SSL encryption
Automatic logout after a period of inactivity
Call Taking
Call-taking - create jobs using the Web Interface while talking to your customer
Pick existing customers from a list or search for their details to populate jobs automatically
Create new jobs by finding free timeslots in your Field Workers’ diaries
Job Creation
Business to Business using Web Service (SOAP) interface or using an XML email template
Manual creation using the web interface, capturing customer and site details, contact details, required resources, multiple public and private notes and custom labeled fields
Job creation from the Web Diary screens
Assisted Assignment
Filtered lists of assignees based upon job address and assigned Field Worker areas
Assignment based upon Field Worker rosters
Full auto-assignment using worker’s rosters, skills, current workload and work areas (EService++ only)
Choose to dispatch assigned jobs automatically, either immediately or at start of next working day (when using Web Services interface)
Job Management
Use the Job List to view job summaries, filter by dates or current job status and sort by any column – customize the columns that you view
Use the Diary screens to view jobs, color coded by current status and filter by region (work area) – setup different views for different dispatchers
See real-time job status updates (when Field Workers are within coverage)
Automatic timestamps allowing you to monitor and measure travel time, working time, down time and administrative time per job
Review notes added to jobs by Field Workers
Review parts, labor codes, trouble-found codes, solution codes and other resources added to jobs in the field
Recall, update and cancel jobs that have been dispatched
Add public and private notes to jobs with automatic timestamps and user identification
Business to Business updates of job events, status changes and added resources using the Web Services callback interface and XML email interface
Send automatic email updates to external parties when jobs change status
Jobs may be paused and resumed multiple times with full status history, including reasons for stopping work and expected resume times
Print job details or print an invoice created from job details
Override job status if Field Workers are out of coverage or lose their device
Export completed job details to popular accounting packages
Workforce Management
View current roster, assigned jobs, job progress and time-off for each Field Worker (optionally filter this view by assigned work areas)
Use the Diary screen to spot job clashes and spare time at a glance
Report on worker productivity, travel times and categorize by job types
Capture time off, preventing job assignment and creation when Field Workers are not available
Assign time zones to workers and dispatchers
Configure Field Workers devices.
Customer Management
Maintain a list of regular customers and their contact details for quick access
Search on all customers created and used
Export and import customer lists from other applications such as accounting packages
Search for jobs and customers by name, number, phone numbers, etc.
Customize job types, user types, job cancel reasons, job reject reasons, job on-hold reasons, business hours, typical job durations and lead-in times
Configure the columns visible on the Job List and the order in which they are displayed
Add, delete and maintain user details (Dispatchers and Field Workers), capture their time-off and set up their time zones, work areas and contact details
Upload customers, Field Workers, resource lists (parts, labor codes, etc) from CSV files
Upload your organization logo to customize the site and printed invoices

Create new data fields to dispatch to Field Worker’s PDAs, with customized labels and up to 500 characters of your data.

View, print and save multiple reports (HTML and CSV formats) and filtered by date. Reports are available for open jobs, completed jobs, worker productivity, customer activity, archival of full job details, import of jobs details to QuickBooks and MYOB, etc
Access online manuals, tutorials and latest code releases
EService Field Client
Authenticated Login
Receive Jobs
Audible alert when device receives a job, job displayed on the Job List as “pending”
Regular reminders if pending jobs are ignored
If a pending job is ignored for too long (configurable period) the job is returned automatically to the Server and marked as “missed” on the Field Device
View Job Details
View details for open and closed jobs
View job details, including customer and site details, job description, notes, required resources, quoted value, external reference numbers and custom fields
View resources available to add to a job, job status history and working time
Accept and Reject Jobs
Accept or reject pending jobs, providing a reason from a configurable drop-down list for rejected jobs
Update Jobs
Update a job’s status from pending to accepted, enroute (optional), started, presign-off (optional) and complete
Pause and resume started jobs, providing a reason (e.g. require more parts)
Add multiple notes to jobs, which are sent immediately back to the dispatcher
Update a job’s expected start and end times
Call a Customer
Click on one of the customer numbers sent with a job to set up an immediate voice call to the customer
Add Resources to Jobs
Add multiple resources from searchable lists, to a job – for example, fault codes, trouble-found codes, parts used, labor used, free text notes, payments method and amount received
Complete Jobs
Complete jobs and capture fault codes, trouble-found codes, parts used, labor used, free text notes, payments method and amount received
Work out of Coverage
Robust store and forward functionality allows working out of coverage
Over the Air updates of configuration tables, reject and on-hold reasons, resource list (parts, labor codes, etc)

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